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Week 15 How much can you do in a week?

We started the week in the countries purpose built capital, Canberra. Where we visited the Australian national museum and Capital Hill, where we learned more about the history of this young and vibrant nation. We then drove up into the Snowy Mountains, where we visited caves by ourselves, swam in a natural spring thermal swimming pool that is always 27°. We were surprised to see kangaroos watching us as we swam and wild horses running free. We then headed to Sydney where we were part of the crowd for U2’s concert.


Week 14 The Best of Victoria

This week we discovered the best the state of Victoria had to offer. We travelled to French Island, where we saw Koala's in the wild and enjoyed riding around on bicycles. We visited the Yarra valley, where black Saturday took place almost two years ago, and saw the strength of an Australian community that lost everything overnight and are now rebuilding there lives.
We camped in Cathedral national park, in the heart of where the fires took places and were amazed by natures rebirth. We climbed Mount Buller and relaxed by lake Eildon.

Week 13 Victoria the Raining State

The week started with our trip along The Great Ocean Road, where we were stunned by the beauty of the Southern coast. We counted the Apostles in the southern ocean and said wow each time we saw a blue and red parrot. We discovered why this state is so green, it rains for days on end, the result is stunning rolling hills and giant forests. We met up with my sister and had a great time with her. We visited the city of Melbourne and tried to understand why it is called the most European city in Australia.


Week 12 National Park Camping

A great week spent sleeping in many different national parks, seeing multi coloured birds, being and astonished by the pink lake and the blue lake. We celebrated my getting older on the road, in Mount Gambia. We became cave explorers, and are still trying to find wombats and Reindeer ears for our baby Hippo. We are now in our third state, Victoria after leaving South Australia. Australian people continue to surprise us with their niceness and generosity and the nature takes our breath away each day.


33 Things to do while driving across The Nullarbor

Here are a few idea's of things to do while crossing the 1,250KM's of Desert....


Week 7 First adventures in the van

Learning how to live in our van, making a mistake and letting thousands of mosquitoes into our Baby Hippo, visiting the Pinnacles desert, fighting with flies, seeing our first Kangaroo and Emu in the wild, sleeping on a beach with turquoise water, playing with penguins on Penguin island, heading out into outback alone for the first time.


Rodriguez the No Stress Island

Picture of the day

Rodriguez an Island 650KM north east of the main island Mauritius is known affectionately by its residents and visitors as the Island ‘No Stress Island.’


Week 6 Perth & Searching for a van

Getting used to the Australian accent, visiting the city of Perth. Playing with animals at the Zoo, trying our luck at a musical quiz down at our local pub, enjoying the little creatures’ pub in Fremantle, seeing hundreds of parrots in the trees near Cottsloe beach, sleeping in our baby hippo for the first time.


Ecotourism on the Mauritius Islands

Having spent one month spilt almost equally between the two Mauritius islands; Mauritius and its little sister Rodrigues I had the chance to see and take part in most of the islands ecotourism activities. Each island has activities to offer, as well as lots of nature to see and enjoy. There are surprisingly lots of differences in the way that tourism has been and is being managed on the two islands.


Highlights of week 3

This week we discovered all the wildlife of the Rodriguez Island, including the local Spiders that are as big as my hand. We met some locals and a few French people that have been living here for a long time. We hiked along the beautiful untouched natural trails of the country, finding sheep on the beach and looking for the great tasking baby octopus.