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Highlights of Week 4 Mauritus

A week spent adventuring around the island of Mauritius. We started in the south west, with baby pineapples with spices on the beach. We petted Zebras at the Casela wildlife park. We bet and watched the races on Saturday at Champs du Mars, ate lobster, watched a Saga show and drank lots of rum.


The highlights of week 2

In just a few words the second week of our trip went like this....lots of sun, sea and sand, good fresh local food and of course we explored the No Stress island more. Read more to find out about the Saturday market capital, Port Mathurin, of this No Stress island and is famous caverne patate.


The highlights of the first week

After leaving Paris as everyone is returning to the city to go back to work or school, we take a train and 2 planes to arrive on the tiny island of Rodriguez, know as the No Stress Island. The sun is shinning, its at least 25 degrees (not bad for the winter) people are smiling, we are welcomed with coconuts...


A long weekend in the Algarve

Olhao's harbor

After our first attempt to go to Faro, that was blocked by massive rain clouds around Paris. We made it, to Faro known as the capital of the Algarve region, the southern coast of Portugal. This prolonged weekend in the sun was very relaxing. The itinerary contained good food, nature, culture and no stress or long car rides.