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Week 5 North Coast Adventures

Under the sun we explored the coast line that was first discovered by the explorer Able Tasman. We kayaked with the Orcas, even if we didn’t see them. Crossed through rivers, walked on sun kissed beaches and under a heavy down pour. At the end of the week we returned to Christchurch to sell our car.


South Island Week 4 West Coast Style

This week we lived it up west coast style. This amazing part of the country is boarded by the wild Tasman sea and southern Alps. We drove through fog, climbed a glacier, watched the sunset west coast style. We enjoyed the warmth, camping outside and the local west coast beer.


South Island Week 3 Tramping

A week spent in Fordland, enjoying some of the best sights I have seen in New Zealand. Waterfalls, Keas and doing lots of hiking. We spent a lot of the week being wet in the amazing Milford Sounds before challenging our bodies and minds on a 3 day 55km sea to 1000m hike, through native bush, across wind swept peaks, wild beaches, dolphins spotting and swing bridge crossing.


Middle and South East, South Island Week 2

A few nights in the self named ‘capital of the world’ Queenstown, which was pretty, sunny and we ate good food. Followed by 2 days in Wanka where we went to Mt. Aspiring national park and climbed up to see the glacier and the naughty Kea! Then on to Dunedin the most historical city in New Zealand, home of the Albatross, Yellow eyed penguins and Speight brewery. We wandered through the Caitlin’s and got to enjoy hundreds of waterfalls. Then went to Bluff where the road ends in New Zealand.


The North of the South Island Week 1

We started our week in Christchurch, where we saw the destruction that was caused to the Garden City. We enjoyed the city the best we could, it was once an stunning city. Our next stop was Hammer Springs, where we walked in the forest, and went to the hot springs to recover. We then went to Kikoura, where JB ate crayfish, and saw seals. We hiked up Mt. Fyffe, and tasted wine in Blenhiem. At the end of the week we pick up friends and hit the road to Queenstown.


South Island here we come week 0

We left our home in Wellington and started living in our car. We crossed over the Cook Straight to the South Island, stayed in Picton and drove down to Christchurch, where we took the plane for Sydney. We stayed in a flash hotel in downtown Sydney near the Rocks. We enjoyed good food, saw whales, went to see Kings of Leon in concert and hung out at Bondi Beach.


Weeks 29 to 32

The start of our life in Wellington. Finding an apartment, job, friends ect… The blog takes a 7 month break now as I start working and each day will almost be the same.

Until November we have worked in Wellington, with its ups and downs… I will post blog articles on daily life in New Zealand, but wish to keep it off this blog, as this one is for our travel adventures.


Week 27 Daddy comes to Auckland

The highlight of this week was my dad arriving at Auckland airport. I was so happy to see him. We all set off on a road trip together in a van of course that we named baby Elf. We visited the bubbling mud pools or Rotorua and learned about the Maori culture. We got into an inflatable ball called a Zorb and rolled down a hill. We visited the stunning New Zealand landscapes and the ‘Glow Worm’ caves.


Weeks 25 & 26

Life in Auckland, the good, the not so good and the ugly. These weeks show my willingness to work not so good jobs in order to get money. Us enjoying like as much as we can in Auckland and trying to settle in.


Week 24 A ‘foodie’ week Auckland

After spending the first part of the week in bed, getting over my horrible ear infection, I decided to enjoy the end of the week with food. We went to the French markets in Auckland and brought some nice products from France. Then the cooking started, Steak tatar, Brioche…more to come.