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Weeks 25 & 26

Life in Auckland, the good, the not so good and the ugly. These weeks show my willingness to work not so good jobs in order to get money. Us enjoying like as much as we can in Auckland and trying to settle in.


Week 24 A ‘foodie’ week Auckland

After spending the first part of the week in bed, getting over my horrible ear infection, I decided to enjoy the end of the week with food. We went to the French markets in Auckland and brought some nice products from France. Then the cooking started, Steak tatar, Brioche…more to come.


Week 23 Exploring a volcano

We played with the rubber ducky in the Auckland harbour, had a beer at a cowboy bar. We enjoyed the views from the Auckland harbour and the celebrations for the year of the rabbit. Climbing Rangitoto volcano in the bay of Auckland was the highlight, seeing the wildlife that lives on the volcano and crawling through the lava caves.


Week 22 Wiapu

A week spent getting fit, looking for jobs and meeting new friends. We joined a group of expats in Auckland and partied with them. We left Auckland for the first time and headed to the magical north where we discovered the real Kiwi way of life. We enjoyed our long weekend walking on the beach, watching stunning sunsets and trying new fresh foods.


Week 21 Life in Auckland

We moved into our city centre apartment, started to make ourselves feel at home in the city of Auckland. We visited the Museum of Auckland to understand the history of our new home. We started to get use to the changing weather that makes Auckland famous for sailing. Learning the must knows in the city.


Week 20 Arriving in Auckland

We left the wonderful world of Australia to fly to our 5th Island on this trip, the land of the Kiwi’s New Zealand. We spent the week getting use to the city, meeting friends that we have here. Trying to find the elusive Kiwi bird and learning about the all blacks.


Week 19 Goodbye Baby Hippo

We spent the week trying to sell our lovely Baby Hippo. We stayed in him for the last few days. Understood how complicated it can be to sell a van, must more complicated then buying one. We enjoyed amazing sunsets and watching bats in Sydney’s night sky and drank beers in a cool bar at Kings Cross. We climbed the Sydney tower and have the picture to prove it!


Week 18 Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

The last week of 2010, we spent it visiting the Blue Mountains, enjoying feeding kangaroos at Featherdale Wildlife Park and looking for the perfect spot to what the fireworks. We listen to the music that played in time with the fire works as we wished Sydney and the rest of the world a Happy New year. We watched surfers have fun in the waves at Manly and said goodbye to Fred’s family at the airport.


Week 17 Christmas time in Sydney

25°, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing, its Christmas time in Sydney. We spent this week showing the sights and sounds of Sydney to Fred’s family and preparing for Christmas. The family photo this year was taken outside in the sunshine instead of inside wearing warm clothes and watching the snow fall. We visited Sydney Aquarium, the Sydney wildlife, went hunting for original UGG’s and a hat made from Kangaroo leather.  We had BBQ’s and watched the surfers catch some waves at Bondi Beach.


Week 16 The Subtropics

The Subtropics of Australia is a wonderful place, about 500km north of Sydney we spent most of this week enjoying the warm tropical weather, eating fresh fish, visiting Coffs Harbour, the town that is supposed to have the best weather in the world. We slid down the giant slide at the Big Banana, visited the Koala hospital and went kayaking on the Bongil Bongil River in the national park. We saw bush turkeys and black and red snakes. The week ended with us picking up Fred’s family from the airport Australian style.