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33 Things to do while driving across The Nullarbor

Here are a few idea's of things to do while crossing the 1,250KM's of Desert....

1 thing to do every 40 km :

  1. Count the number of dead Kangaroo’s you see
  2. Count the number of living Kangaroo’s you see
  3. Sleep in a abandoned rest area
  4. Visit the Space Lab Museum
  5. Visit the Nullarbor Caves
  6. Stay Alive
  7. Don’t get bitten by anything
  8. Don’t eat a fly
  9. Watch out camels
  10. Don’t get sunburned while driving
  11. Make your own what to do in the Nullarbor list
  12. Over take a road train
  13. Listen to a good MP3 play list
  14. Count the number of road trains you see in one day
  15. Take Pictures of all the road signs you see
  16. Use a ‘shit box’ in the middle of nowhere (no one is looking)
  17. Try to call friends/ family
  18. Send an email to friends/family
  19. Come up with a car dance for your favourite tunes
  20. Play air rock band
  21. Watch the sunset
  22. Count the stars

  23. Call Pizza hut and as them if they deliver to the Nullarbor
  24. Wake up and watch the sun rise
  25. Read all the books you never had the time to read
  26. Drink a beer with a road train driver
  27. Catch a Kangaroo (a living one)
  28. Guess how many sheep are packed into a sheep road train
  29. Play golf on the worlds longest golf course, the Nullabor golf course
  30. Watch out for strangely decorated trees
  31. Sleep in a place where you are not supposed to sleep…
  32. then run away like Bonny and Clyde
  33. Fly a kite on the cliffs of the Nullarbor( be careful not to fall over the edge)

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