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Week 24 A ‘foodie’ week Auckland

This post in Francais

After spending the first part of the week in bed, getting over my horrible ear infection, I decided to enjoy the end of the week with food. We went to the French markets in Auckland and brought some nice products from France. Then the cooking started, Steak tatar, Brioche…more to come.

Day 161 (09/02/11) Getting better

Today I feel better, not prefect, but the pain is gone and I can stand up without feeling sick. I spent the day in bed, catching up on my emails. I am hoping that I will get better soon and that I can go back out into the world. I do not like being stuck in bed.

Day 162 (10/02/11) Sleeping

Still under the influence of the antibiotics and pain killers I have been taking I spent the most of the day in bed.

The exciting this I did today was getting a library card so now I can borrow books and sit in bed and read them.

Day 163 (11/02/11) Friday night at the Fish Market

The good news is I am feeling a bit better. I am back to life, so what better to do than go out and enjoy Friday night at the fish market. There was supposed to be several stands where you could taste freshly cooked fish and listen to Jazz music. However, when we got there, it seemed that the activities were over, the jazz band was not playing anymore and there was only one stall selling food.  We ended up having Mexican food down at the wharf near the big cruise ships.

Day 164 (12/02/11) OZ job expo

We woke up early on this Saturday morning, but for a good reason, this morning we went to a job expo from jobs in Australia. As moving there is our ultimate goal we are trying to find jobs over there as well as here at the same time. The Expo was good, we spoke with some big mining companies that told us they have many openings in Perth. We are going to send our CVs to them in the next few days.

Pizza for dinner and a movie what else but Australia!

Day 165 (13/02/11) French Market Parnell

Today we finally went to the French Markets in Parnell and we were not disappointed. We found all of the French goodies that we have been missing. Fresh bread, Pate, pastries and cheese, we are in heaven, or at least food heaven. We brought some fresh ingredients for the dinner will make for our roommate in the evening. Steak Tatar with potatoes, pate for the entrée and cheese to finish. It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday morning, next week plan to bake.

Day 166 (14/02/11) The Dentist & baking Brioche

Finally I am off the medicine I have been taking for my ear, but guess what, its time to go for a second round of pain at the dentist. I only need a big filling done, but still I was not really looking forward to it at all. It turned out not to be too bad and the dentist and her assistant were nice, however I am waiting for the pain to kick it, hopping it doesn’t.

To forget about the pain that maybe coming my way I decided to make a brioche which is cooking nicely in the oven as we speak.

Day 167 (15/02/11) Salad Girl

Today was a busy day for me, in the morning I had a job interview in a law firm, and no I am not going to become a lawyer… The Interview went well and I should go back and see them on Thursday.  I had to quickly run home and change afterwards and run out again, you see today was my first day of life as a Salad Girl. I have a part time job in the shopping centre at a healthy food choice fast food. It was busy at lunch and I was very tired afterwards, I did spend the large part of last week in bed.

For dinner I went Italian and made garlic bread topped with fresh tomatoes and penne pasta ‘carbonara’. To past the time I am learning to cook, I guess it is better then spending hours on facebook.

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