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Week 27 Daddy comes to Auckland

The highlight of this week was my dad arriving at Auckland airport. I was so happy to see him. We all set off on a road trip together in a van of course that we named baby Elf. We visited the bubbling mud pools or Rotorua and learned about the Maori culture. We got into an inflatable ball called a Zorb and rolled down a hill. We visited the stunning New Zealand landscapes and the ‘Glow Worm’ caves.

Week 27

Day 182 (02/03/11) Long day at work

My day at work was pretty standard, same stuff different day. It has already become boring for me and I can’t wait until I find something better.

After work we met up with a French girl and her boyfriend that we met when we went out tramping last weekend. I helped her with her CV. I think there might be a business I can go into here.

Day 183 (03/03/11) Day off work

When I woke up this morning, all my body hurt and I really could not move, so I called in sick and took the day off work. I spent most of the day in bed, because I felt really weak and tired.

In the afternoon I had an interview for a real job. The interview went find, the job seems ok and I would not mind working there, it is a lot better than what I am going now.

Day 184 (04/03/11) Daddy arrived

I worked in the morning, waiting impatiently for the end of the day.

After work Fred went to pick up the van and we moved out of our apartment, as the guy who’s room we were renting came back. Goodbye Auckland home.

We went to the campsite where we plan to stay the night; the plan was for us to stay in the tent and my dad to stay in the van we had rented. As we set up the tent it was raining and we hoped that it would stop before my dad arrived.

We went to the airport to pick up my dad and when we got back to the campsite it was raining more than before. The tent which we brought cheap, second hand from a backpacker that was leaving was not built for heavy rain, so the inside of the tent was wet. After about an hour or moving and fixing things, we finally managed to put the tent under the back door of the van so it would stay dry and we all went to sleep.

Day 185 (05/03/11) On the road to Rotorua

After sleeping under the pouring rain we went and had a hot breakfast and then got on the road. We headed to Rotorua, the geo thermal magical place of New Zealand. Once there we got ourselves a cabin, no more sleeping outside after last night. Had lunch and then went off to explore the town. As it was still raining we choose to visit the museum and keep the rest of the things we wanted to do for tomorrow as the weather should be better.

We had a nice Indian curry for dinner with lots of red wine. One thing I did not mention about Rotorua is that it smells like eggs…

Day 186 (06/03/11) Rotorua

It has finally stopped raining! Our first activity of the day was to go and have a dip in the mineral pools that are in the campsite we are staying in. The water is 38° and we really enjoyed sitting in the hot bubbling water.

Our next stop was Te Puia where we saw the bubbling mud hot pools and the geysers. We had a guided tour that explained the Maori culture to us and we got to see the Kiwi, the bird, not the fruit.

After lunch at the café we headed to Argodome where my dad watched a Sheep shearing show.

Then it was time for us to go Zorbing, one of the coolest things I have tried! We got inside a big inflatable ball filled with warm water and rolled down a hill. Really this is a must do!

In the evening we went back to Te Puia, where we were greeted in the traditional Maori fashion, watched the Haka and tried it for ourselves. We then had a traditional Maori dinner, then we went to see the Geyser by night that was very beautiful and sit on the hot stones drinking hot chocolate while we listened to legends of the land.

Day 187 (07/03/11) Taupo

We left the cool town of Rotorua today to head to the lakeside town of Taupo. Once in Taupo we checked into our cabin and had a bbq, big steaks and lamb, with red wine and cheese.

After lunch we went for a walk by the lake and enjoyed the afternoon sun. We did some souvenir shopping and tried the New Zealand flavoured ice cream called Hokey Pokey.

In the evening we stayed at the campsite and made a home cooked fish dinner which we enjoyed and spent the evening talking.

Day 188 (08/03/11) Waitomo Cave

My dad’s last day here, so we headed back to Auckland to drop him off at the airport. On the drive back we saw the best of New Zealand country side, lots of sheep and cows and green landscapes.

We stopped for lunch near the Waitomo caves, where we had organic burgers and beer for lunch. After lunch we visited the famous Waitomo caves and saw the glow worms that make their home on the caves ceiling, totally stunning.

Then headed in to Auckland and gave my dad a quick tour of the city and had dinner before dropping him at the airport.

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