South We Go

We have a lot to learn from the other side of the equator

We have a lot to learn from the other side of the equator
This project was born from a realization: France, despite is colorful history and its renowned cuisine does not hold the key to the box of new and innovative ideas. In light of the problems that northern hemisphere is currently battling with, we have decided to draw inspire and new ideas from the south.
Frederic and Natalie a couple that complement each other as well as ‘wine and cheese’ have decided to spend at least one year in the southern half of the world discovering its cultures and ‘Savoir  Faire’.

The actors

He: The French guy, Parisian, a true city dweller, at home with the lights, sounds, congestion, the challenges of public transportation and complex French administration.

She: The British gal, travel addict, loves to get lost in nature, lived all over the world and has met people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

He: An engineering graduate from the renowned school of ‘Arts et Métiers’ now working as a consultant with in the field of information technology.

She: A Swiss hospitality school graduate specialized in sales and destination management.

He: Speaks French and English as well as the many languages of IT.

She: Speaks five languages, English, French, German, Arabic and Romanian.

He: Active within the world of the internet for more than 10 years, and is now a community manager of the network of the alumni of his university.

An Interactive project

South We Go’s objective is to be constantly present on the internet via the maximum amount of social networking channels. Everyone is invited to follow us and read about our experiences.

The goals and how we are going to get there

Updating our website daily is one of our main goals. We aim share our adventures and discoveries as often as possible by using, blogs, photos videos and writing in our online daily journal. Not forgetting of course, to update our Facebook and Twitter pages as the actions happen.

An International Network

Both Frederic and Natalie have their own international social circles. She through the Alumni of the Swiss Education Group, and her professional and personal contacts, that are spread across the globe.  He through by the 30 000 Gadz’Arts that also spread across the four corners of the globe. We will meet up with some of these expatriates to learn their views on the differences between the European way of doing things and that of their adoptive homeland.

The Destinations

The Republic of Mauritius, (more commonly known as the Mauritius Islands), Australia and New Zealand are our main destinations.  We have not ruled out visiting other countries in Oceania. Unfortunately our budget does not allow us visit South America or Africa during this trip.

Stay turned to the channel of adventure and new experiences.

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