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Semaine 16 – les tropiques

Dagger fallsJPG

Ce passage à Sydney fut bref mais intense. Avant les fêtes de noël, Nat et moi allons passer une petite semaine vers les tropiques, vers le "nord". La végétation et le climat changent, les australiens sont toujours aussi sympa, la "rain forest" fut un passage obligatoire et merveilleux.  Sport, détente, nature, rencontre, histoire ... avant de retourner  à Sydney accueillir la famille et se poser dans un appartement pour 2 semaines.


Semaine 15 – Canberra et les montagnes neigeuses


Canberra est le plus petit état de l'Australie. Malgré sa taille il mérite le détour. La ville est très original, administrative et pas très funky, cependant il y règne une bonne atmosphère. La seconde moitié de la semaine se passe dans la nature, les snowy mountains.  Une nouvelle fois l'Australie sait nous surprendre avec ses paysages sublimes, sa nature sauvage et ses grands espaces qui la caractérise.


Week 14 The Best of Victoria

Mr K
This week we discovered the best the state of Victoria had to offer. We travelled to French Island, where we saw Koala's in the wild and enjoyed riding around on bicycles. We visited the Yarra valley, where black Saturday took place almost two years ago, and saw the strength of an Australian community that lost everything overnight and are now rebuilding there lives.
We camped in Cathedral national park, in the heart of where the fires took places and were amazed by natures rebirth. We climbed Mount Buller and relaxed by lake Eildon.

Week 13 Victoria the Raining State

12 apostel

The week started with our trip along The Great Ocean Road, where we were stunned by the beauty of the Southern coast. We counted the Apostles in the southern ocean and said wow each time we saw a blue and red parrot. We discovered why this state is so green, it rains for days on end, the result is stunning rolling hills and giant forests. We met up with my sister and had a great time with her. We visited the city of Melbourne and tried to understand why it is called the most European city in Australia.


Week 12 National Park Camping

Highway to ... the beach

A great week spent sleeping in many different national parks, seeing multi coloured birds, being and astonished by the pink lake and the blue lake. We celebrated my getting older on the road, in Mount Gambia. We became cave explorers, and are still trying to find wombats and Reindeer ears for our baby Hippo. We are now in our third state, Victoria after leaving South Australia. Australian people continue to surprise us with their niceness and generosity and the nature takes our breath away each day.


Week 10 The Nullarbor

The nullarbor road

Heading across the Nullarbor, leaving Western Australia to enter South Australia, driving on the longest straight road, seeing lots of empty spaces, passing through towns of 10 people, reaching the end of the Nullarbor, visiting Port Augusta, playing with a Pelican at streaky bay, climbing on rock formations, reaching Kimba, the half way point between Perth and Sydney.


Semaine 10 : Nullarbor

Far away

Du bitume, des lignes droites de plus de 140km, des stations services espacées de plus de 200km … voilà ce qu'il nous attend en ce début de semaine. Il est préférable d'avoir réviser son véhicule avant de se lancer sur ces 1300km de désert. Fin du Western Australia, début de South Australia, de nouveaux paysages, de nouvelles villes nous attendent, toujours splendides. La vie en van n'est pas si compliqué que cela, vous devriez essayer...


Semaine 9 : des hommes, des docteurs, des camions…

Wana swim?

Une semaine au mesures australiennes : des hommes au fond du trou, des docteurs qui s'envolent, des petits vans qui dépassent des camions de plus de 50m de long, des ponts naturelles de plusieurs tonnes, des formations géologiques impressionnantes … et tout plein d'animaux dont des serpents, des lézards à queue courte, des lamas qui partage leur enclos avec des kangourous...


Week 8 Sheep, Yabbi’s and Wine


Visiting a sheering shed, catching yabbi’s in a dam, learning the difference between different types of chickens, staying in a ghost town, tasting wine in the famous Margaret river wine valley, walking along the Cape to Cape track, reaching the southern most point of Australia and getting lost in the middle of the biggest trees in the country near Denmark.


Week 7 First adventures in the van

Au milieu de nulle part

Learning how to live in our van, making a mistake and letting thousands of mosquitoes into our Baby Hippo, visiting the Pinnacles desert, fighting with flies, seeing our first Kangaroo and Emu in the wild, sleeping on a beach with turquoise water, playing with penguins on Penguin island, heading out into outback alone for the first time.

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